All about EUROPE – Having the time of my life!

Hey everyone! I finally made it back to America and I seriously had the most amazing time ever!!! I’ve been blogging about my adventures in Europe on another dedicated travel site and so I’m going to include the link here: LoveDOesTravel

I was only able to write 3 posts while over in Europe but I am working on posting all about Spain, Paris, and just about how to travel smart in general 🙂 I hope you all enjoy it and stay connected on that site to see all our travel adventures. Let me know if you’d like to be a guest blogger for the LoveDOesTravel site – you don’t have to be a doctor or pre-med just love traveling!




Counting down the days until Europe! + graduation 

Hey everybody! I only have 3 more days until I get on a plane to Europe!

Anddddd I finished finals week and GRADUATED!

A bunch of my family came into town and it was such a fun time hanging out. 🙂

On Friday night we went to my honors ceremony then to the Baccalaureate Mass. Afterwards we went to Ruth’s Chris and had a blast! The food was delicious and I really wish I had taken pictures of my food but my phone died early on. Sad face.

But here’s a picture of my mom and grandma with me. 🙂 

They’re pretty great.
 Saturday morning we had to be there an hour before the ceremony started and let me just say — I really wish I would’ve prepared more for graduation!! Haha. I totally thought everything would be fine but it was a rough morning trying to make sure I brought and wore everything I was supposed to!

Not too rough until I realized I couldn’t carry a big purse of all my stuff so I ran out to my car and left everything but my key to my car in my car!

I stuffed my key in my bra but the whole ceremony I kept sporadically wondering if my key had fallen out and I was going to lose it forever… UGH LOL. I probably looked like an idiot touching my boob (hopefully inconspicuously) to make sure I could still feel it!

We waited around for probably 30 minutes and then when they started us on our long walk to the stadium I realized something terrible!!!

I had to go pee SOOOOO bad!!!! OMG, it was an awful realization. Especially because the ceremony was going to be at least 2 hours long. And they won’t let you leave. LOL.

Thankfully it didn’t turn out as bad as I thought it might – I forgot about it most of the time and didn’t pee my pants walking across the stage. THANK GOODNESS!!!.

It was great and I didn’t fall walking! I thought a maxi dress would be perfect but several times it almost got caught under my feet as I was walking…

And it started raining during the ceremony! Thankfully our gowns and caps kept us pretty safe but it was crazy!

After the ceremony we spent hours taking pictures and finding everyone. I still missed a bunch of people sadly.

We had a little party at my boyfriend’s place and then hung out at the hotel! I got in a long run that night at the hotel and then some much needed sleep.

 Overall, it was SOOO hard staying healthy during finals week and graduation. Like really really hard. There was so much eating out at restaurants and free dinners and lunches that I just couldn’t pass up.

I did, however, do well at making sure to choose healthier options each time and having things in moderation. In the past week I’ve had a cupcake, some ice cream, creme brûlée, chocolate, and Qdoba. It wasn’t perfect but I tried to make sure I stayed as active as possible on the days I couldn’t get a real workout in and then didn’t overdo it on the bad stuff.

I’ve had a lot of success eating out by choosing one thing that I really want (that might not be so healthy) and then making sure the rest of my meal is healthy as possible.

So the other night we went out for Mexican food at Chili’s and I let myself have the chips and salsa (because I LOVE chips and salsa) and then ordered the grilled tilapia with broccoli and brown rice. I had half a margarita – because it was Cinco de Mayo and that’s just wrong to not… Right?

At our big graduation dinner I had a glass of champagne and tasted a couple appetizers – shrimp and an avocado veggie crab cake and then ordered the Chilean Sea Bass with sweet potatoes and added asparagus, broccoli, and brussel sprouts on the side. It was delicious! Not suppeerrr healthy but it was also a celebration. Then I got a creme brûlée and shared it with the whole table. 🙂 Win-win.


How to Study (and Dominate) Finals Week

It’s Day 6 of the Shape-Up Challenge! And like I promised yesterday, I’m dedicated to posting everyday even if it means I get up an extra hour early! (Which would be more impressive if I wasn’t a huge morning person).

But anyway! I’m sitting down with my breakfast and making my schedule for the week (Saturday to next Saturday) and realized it’d be a great time to talk about what makes a successful finals week.


Breakfast was steel cut oats + cinnamon and chia seeds and 2 eggs + avocado

And to be honest – I can only say this because I’ve had a ton of really really rough finals weeks. So rough. If you’re pre-med I highly highly recommend trying out some of these tips and sticking to them to avoid a crazy and stressful week. It probably will still be a little stressful (I remember the anxiety of needing to get a perfect 4.0) but it will go much smoother.


My first tip might make some of you sad…

1) Don’t go with the flow.

  • Finals’ week in undergrad is cluttered with A LOT of students who didn’t study all semester and need to pull up their grades — or who simply don’t care about their grades.
  • Although I do believe in celebrating and taking breaks, I have seen partying and drinking become the reason why someone doesn’t do very well on finals. Even though it’s so hard just try to wait until after your finals are over and then celebrate. 🙂 Or if you’re like me you use “I’m studying” as the perfect excuse for why you CAN’T go drink away. HAHA.
  • Be wary of “study group sessions” – I swear these can be the death of a grade if it becomes the only way you study. Sometimes it’s good to have a study partner or two to keep you motivated or to have company but try to avoid study sessions that just turn into a big social activity. It can be good to review with a friend after you’ve learned the material but it might confuse you if you haven’t studied at all.
  • LOL. I swear this is some study groups.

  • Whatever you do – do NOT pay attention to how or what other people are doing. This is so important. If someone is making flash cards that does not mean you need to make flash cards. If your classmates say “I’m just going to review a little” but you know you need much more, don’t just “review a little.” They might try to guilt you for studying more than them but stick to what is best for YOU. Same goes for if it’s YOU that feels good about how much you’ve studied but your friends are still studying.

2) Push out all negative thoughts about the semester and channel confidence in your work. 

  • I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this you’re not the type of person who doesn’t care about grades. You probably care A TON about grades. And you probably feel like you didn’t study enough this semester. 
  • But I’m here to tell you that most likely you did your best with what you knew. It’s always good to be honest with yourself about where you fell short and what to change for next semester but the key to finals week is to literally LET ALL THAT GO. At least until after finals week. I like to review after finals are all over about the semester and make notes to myself about what I need to change for the next semester.
  • I like to listen to music that makes me feel confident and happy and to constantly remind myself that “I’m going to KILL this final.”


Confession: I like to listen to rap to motivate myself to study. Idk why! It’s so weird but it works way better for me than classical music!

3) Make a plan and then STICK with it.

  • Like I said, I’m making a schedule for every hour of each day this week. If I know I only have 2 hours to study for my final I am WAY more likely to get it done instead of thinking of all the “free time” I have since it’s finals week.
  • Making a detailed plan helps to build confidence in your preparation. Confidence + preparation = You Dominating Your Finals.
  • I use the Day Designer Free print-able Worksheet for the week. I’m including the link to their page here. Just “buy it” (it’s free) and then download the attachments from the email and print it out. 🙂 I love these things.


It’s not 
all filled out yet but I’m working on it!

4) Schedule workouts and breaks into your schedule.

  • I can’t believe the difference between the finals weeks where I made myself go to my regular gym sessions. I remember being so so tired and saying “I’ll just go and if I suck then whatever I still went” but then being at the gym and totally killing it! I see workouts as a treat during finals week since it relieves so much stress for me. I recommend doing cardio during finals week (but weights and yoga are great too) but cardio seems to release the most feel-good endorphins for me 🙂
  • Go shopping and plan out snacks and meals. DO IT. I swear it will save you so much time and will help curb the desire to just grab a sweet treat at Starbucks. I used to tell myself that since it was finals week I needed something sweet to keep me going. Alas, the finals weeks where I chose to eat healthy and avoid junk food were the best finals weeks ever. You’ll have way more energy and feel so much better!

This is the Day Designer Food and Exercise Log – I’ll plan it out more before I go grocery shopping so I only have to make one trip per week.

    • But have a treat too. I know! I just said don’t have a sweet treat. But what I mean is just don’t have them all the time. Give yourself permission to have a couple during the week or to just do something you love. 🙂 Check out my post on avoiding burn-outs for more tips on this!

Coffee in a Cupcake?! How freaking perfect.


5) Plan a super fun time for after finals week.

  • If you’re the type of person who can’t focus if you’re thinking about doing something fun just skip this tip. But if not, it can really help your mind to know that after you’re done you’ll get to relax or go out and party. (Whatever floats YOUR boat.)
  • I secretly love finals week. I love the craziness and all the studying. It’s so weird  but I do love it. It also motivates me knowing that in just a short little time I won’t be studying anymore. So why NOT study?

Last year after finals week I went to Texas for my cousin’s wedding and had a ton of fun sipping cocktails and relaxing by the pool with my parents and family! (This is my momma) 🙂

6) Give it your BEST and let God do the REST.

  • Or whatever greater power you believe in. 🙂 This phrase has gotten me through so many tough weeks or exams. Seriously. I love trusting that if I just do my best the rest will be taken care of/work out.

Love this!

    1. Of course that doesn’t mean you can skip studying and hope God will give you divine answers. LOL. No, it just means trust in your preparation and after that let all your worries flow away. I first learned about this when I was interested in Buddhism and I loved it – it’s not a God (but more of a universe type of thing).


  • I put an extra 3 P’s on that because you need sleep x a billion. Seriously. Take it from me because I’m the worst sleeper. I love waking up in the morning and I will only get enough sleep if I make myself go to bed early. Which is so hard during finals week but it does make a difference.

I WISH my sleep was this peaceful!!!!
So here’s a sample of what I would do the night before an exam:

  1. Read/go through all the material for the exam right before I go to bed. Make sure I’ve included any and all material that I know I will need to know. Maybe more detail than necessary.
  2. Go to bed early.
  3. Wake up about 4-5 hours before the exam (or more if it was later in the day).
  4. Go through ALL the material again. This time focusing on literally eliminating material from the study guide.
  5. Yep – eliminate stuff from the study guide. As you know you know the material just delete it or stop looking at it. This is great if you’re using a laptop because you can just delete it. I make myself delete it. Because once you know it you need to stop looking at it right before the test.
  6. Why? So you can focus on the material you don’t know Focus on the stuff you need to keep seeing or re-writing because you don’t know it.
  7. I will try to make things as simple as humanly possible. Because one or two words can jog your memory of what you need to know and you’re way more likely to remember 1 or 2 words.

So there’s my tips for studying for finals! I wish you all the best of luck and I’ll catch up with you tomorrow! 🙂

Also, because I know how difficult it can be to make a plan, I’m offering FREE advice/help with planning for finals week for the first 3 people who:

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I can’t wait to hear from you! This offer is good until May 12th because that’s when I leave for Europe! 🙂

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Shape-Up Challenge Day 2

Hey everyone! It’s been 5 days since the start of the Shape-Up Challenge and I am sooooo sorry for not posting each day. I know that was one of my goals and I failed! It’s been such a crazy week and I probably could’ve done much better but I let the crazy schedule get the best of me.

But on an exciting note – it was the last week of undergraduate classes for me EVER! It was such a whirlwind week of banquets and end of the year activities. I had my 2 amazing cheat meals already (which means none for this weekend!)

On Wednesday we got cupcakes at the Flying Cupcake Bakery which makes those amazing gluten free cupcakes I posted about a while back and I got the Orange Dreamsicle which was pretty amazing.

Thursday night we celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday early since we’ll be out of town for his real birthday. I surprised him and took him to the BARcelona Tapas Restaurant in downtown Indy so we could get a taste for the yummy Spanish cuisine we’ll be having in exactly 2 weeks!!!

We ordered several “tapas” which are very small plates (kind of like mini appetizers). We ordered:

  • Ham and cheese croquettes with spicy aeoli
  • Garlic shrimp in a buttery tomato sauce
  • Roasted cauliflower with pine nuts, raisins, and spinach
  • A skewer of chicken and chorizo with more aeoli
  • Grilled salmon with an olive tapenade

We shared most of these and they were seriously small serving sizes! We also had margaritas and finished off the night with a piece of flan and creme brûlée.

We thought we’d need more food but by the end we were stuffed!

We’re so excited for Spain!!!! Only 2 more weeks.

After eating we walked around downtown and caught a glimpse of American Ninja Warrior being filmed then decided to check out a new bar called “The Broken Beaker”. It’s a science-themed bar! How neat! They serve everything in beakers or test tubes! Such a cute idea.

Back to the Shape-Up Challenge – this week’s schedule was out-of-whack but I know that’s not an excuse. I’m determined to get back on track since today marks exactly 2 weeks until we board our transatlantic flight.

Because next week is bound to be even crazier than this past week (graduation, finals, family coming into town, moving, and packing for Europe!) I know it’s going to take some hard-core discipline to be healthy.

Some updated goals:

(although all the ones from the first post still apply!!)

  1. Cheat meals 2 times per week, 1 drink per week (it’s graduation!)
  2. Make a schedule for each day of finals week and include workouts/meals
  3. Sleep at least 8 hours each night – which means minimal procrastinating on finals!
  4. Drink lots and lots of water and make a big batch of iced green tea for the week! 🙂
  5. Make sure to get a big serving of veggies at both lunch and dinner.
  6. Workouts: Run or walk 3 times per week, 3 sessions of BBG, 1 hot yoga class, 1 Zumba class and try to stay active throughout the day!
  7. Keep blogging to stay accountable!

On a random note (but very health-related) – my Polar A360 activity tracker has been tracking my sleep for the last 4 days or so and it analyzes restful sleep vs. rest-less sleep. And it looks like I lose about ONE FULL HOUR to rest-less sleep each night! So I usually try to go to sleep 8 hours before I have to wake up and I only get about 7 of that. I do notice I wake up throughout the night a lot and change positions but does anyone else track their sleep habits and know anything about this? How can I improve my sleep? 

What are your summer plans?

How do you stay healthy?


Day 1 of the Shape-Up Challenge: Failing, BCAAs, and Saying No to Gelato

Hey everybody! It’s the first day of the shape up challenge and it’s been pretty weird for me because I’m still traveling!

I woke up this morning around 8am at my aunt’s house and had some steel cut oats with frozen blueberries and a Chobani Greek yogurt. Of course I had to have some coffee with a little creamer!

Eating while traveling hardly ever satisfies me sadly. I hate being out of my routine and eating food that doesn’t make me feel good.

And sitting for 6 hours in the car doesn’t help either.

I downloaded a podcast (A NPR Ted talk on tolerance – I recommend it!) and listened to that and then googled some packing tips for Europe.

At about 10am I got bored and hungry and had some Skinny (it’s the brand name) Popcorn and then made myself wait for lunch. It wasn’t easy. LOL. Why is it that I get so hungry in the car when all I’m doing is sitting?!?


I think it’s the boredom.

And then I screwed up. Only 4 hours into the challenge I failed and ate a piece of Ghiredelli mint dark chocolate.


I had this one tempting little square. I can’t believe I gave in so easily!

LOL. What is my life.

In my defense, we missed our stop for lunch so I was super hungry and had been eyeing that chocolate all weekend.

What matters when you slip up or go overboard is that you:

1) recognize it and let it go and

2) get right back on track with eating clean. So I could’ve said f-it I’m going to eat those other 3 pieces of chocolate and have French fries and ice cream for lunch. But of course I didn’t and you shouldn’t either. Be positive and remember little decisions make all the difference!

Oh well! 🙂 Moving onnnn!

We did stop at McDonalds for lunch though. Middle of nowhere and that’s all we had to choose from so we went with it! In my opinion (although I only eat McDonald’s or fast food when I have no other choice) but anyway in my opinion I think it can be a good choice if you choose the right thing.

I had a Southwest Grilled Chicken salad and skipped the tempting French fries. I ate some popcorn in the car and made myself wait until I got back to my apartment to snack again!


It wasn’t nearly as beautiful in person. 😦

And on a side note – I’m not saying the Southwest Grilled Chicken salad is a good healthy choice but I think it was the best choice out of the fast-food restaurants we had to choose from. Just because it’s not perfect doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good decision that you can be satisfied with. 🙂

When we got back I unpacked and caught up with my best friend/roommate then ate 2 whole grapefruits. Wowza. But I was dying for something refreshing and grapefruit always satisfies my sweet tooth and makes me feel a little detoxified. It’s delicious!

I almost thought about not working out… But then I remembered how terrible I felt sitting in the car for 5 hours. Disgusting.

I did Week 12 Legs of BBG (it’s my last week of BBG!) and it felt so good! I love plyometrics and it was my first workout with my new Polar A360 Activity tracker so I was excited to see how BBG would size up to my other workouts.

29 minutes for 313 calories burned is pretty good!

I made myself a shaker with water and BCAAs (I use AminoX brand) and drank 1/2 of it before my walk.

Usually if I do a BBG workout I won’t get in some kind of cardio because I’m usually crunched for time. However, I looked at the weather forecast and since today was gorgeous and the rest of the week is rather drab I decided to take advantage of it and go for a 40 minute walk with Duke (my roomie’s dog).

41 minute walk
We soaked up the sun and when I got back I finished the BCAAs.

Just a note on BCAAs – a lot of people ask me if I use protein powder or what’s the best healthy natural supplements for women. I personally have protein powder and BCAAs and pre-workout but I mainly use BCAAs after workouts. I rarely use pre-workout (it’s a natural kind) and as for the protein powder I usually use it 2-3 times per week at most as a mix-in for my greek yogurt (it tastes just like chocolate pudding!).


The brand of BCAAs I’m currently using

But why I love BCAAs:

  1. Low calories (you can find ones without any sweetener and ones with natural sweetener). The sweetened kinds almost feel like I’m drinking an exotic yummy drink.
  2. Quickly digested – drink them on an empty stomach or while working out/after you workout because they will be quickly absorbed
  3. We learned all about how amazing they are in Biochemistry – if you wanna geek out with me about how they entire into the TCA cycle send me an email at !! I’d love to 🙂
  4. Perfect for protecting hard-earned muscle gains but not adding too much bulk. Essentially they’re perfect for people who want to tone-up but also lose fat.
  5. They give you a little bit of energy! Sometimes they even curb my cravings!
  6. They help speed up recovery time! Seriously I’m way less sore the next day compared to when I don’t take them.
  7. I’m sure I’ll think of other things to add to this list…

Anyway… they’re great!

After my walk I showered and ran to the grocery store to pick up the things I need to make food throughout the week. I decided against meal prepping tonight because I had wayyyy too much work to get done.

For Dinner, I heated up some of the rice and black bean + veggie dish I had made last week and added some salsa and cheddar cheese. Then I added some dried shallots from Penzey’s Spices on top because my aunt gave me an entire jar over the weekend! I love shallots! They’re amazing on everything.


This kiiiind of looks like what mine did. It wasn’t pretty enough for a picture though.

I ended my day with a bottle of Kombucha – I’m spacing on the brand right now but the flavor is “Trilogy” – it’s my ultimate favorite.


I googled it 🙂 – the brand is Synergy

I like drinking Kombucha as a treat or when I need some probiotics – generally after drinking or feeling blah from unhealthy eating. I’ll definitely do a post on probiotics and why they’re so amazing soon. Like this if you’re interested!


Oh! I almost forgot. I opened up the freezer and saw the Talenti Salted Caramel Gelato I had left in my boyfriend’s freezer. AHHHHH. I ALMOST had some. And then my mean boyfriend said “but what about your shape-up for summmeeerrr??” He was joking but I almost ate his head off. However, I did put it down unscathed. 🙂

This is my final activity goal completion/summary. It gives the steps, miles, and calories burned. I’m not sure how accurate it is but it seems reasonable. I’m mostly going to compare day-to-day.
Overall, my first day of the challenge was pretty successful. I’m kind of glad I failed right away so that I could practice my getting right back on track skills. LOL.

How’d your first day go? Wanna join?! Read my previous post about the challenge and comment/like it. I need all the support I can get! 

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Join my “Shape-Up for Summer in 2.5 Weeks” with me!

If you’ve been reading my blogs you know I’m headed to Europe in less than 3 weeks! I’m so excited to finally visit Spain and France! As always, I try to be healthy and constantly work towards new fitness and health goals but for Europe (where I know there will be lots of unhealthy treats everyday) I want to be in the best shape I can be so I can fully indulge!

I love you Chipotle but you’ll have to go for now

So I’ve come up with a plan to “shape-up” for vacation in 2.5 weeks. Of course it helps to have been working towards it longer but for these last few weeks I’m really going to focus on eating as clean as possible and getting in a few extra workouts.

But I also have finals in a week.

And I’m graduating college.

And moving out of my apartment.

And getting ready for medical school.

I have a lot on my plate these next couple weeks!!

And it is soooo easy to skip workouts, eat junk food, and not sleep when you’re busy.


I’m crazy determined. Lol. Especially since this past week and weekend I’ve been giving into treats and skipping workouts. It’s been baaaad. But no more!

good bye beautiful butter

So if you’re brave and tired of putting off your goals when you’re stressed and/or its finals week, join me for these next 17 days (about 2.5 weeks) to shape up for summer 🙂

I hope you’ll join me!

So these are my rules for myself (but feel free to improvise and make your own, the key is to not let my Health slip while I’m busy these next couple weeks)

1) Plan my workouts at the beginning of the week and don’t skip them!!

  • 3 BBG resistance workouts (legs/glutes, arms/back, abs)
  • 2 Zumba sessions
  • 3 runs or walks for 40 min each
  • Stretch and foam roll 1 day (at least)

2) Sleep at least 7.5 hours each night – I really think I only need 7.

3) Eat clean, pescetarian, homemade meals. No added sugar/refined carbs.

4) Limit eating out to once a week

5) 2 cheat meals a week (i.e. Cupcakes 😋)

except when my boyfriend surprises me with gelato…

6) Blog or journal everyday to stay accountable! Comment on my posts each day to let me know how you did that day! 🙂

7) Don’t procrastinate – make detailed lists and start right away on them!

8) Stay positive and focus on being happy and healthy. 🙂
Those are my rules but I’m sure I’ll think of some more/adjust if needed. I hope you decide to join me for these next 17 days!

Overall, it helps me to have a goal in sight – knowing that if I sacrifice now I’ll be able to enjoy Europe more makes me very motivated. I’ll also be posting my plan for staying healthy in Europe when it comes closer!

French food in America

Make sure you follow and like for more updates!

Comment if you’ll join me for the next 17 days! No judgments just positive motivation to keep each other going 🙂

Tell me about your summer plans!

Travel + healthy ways to eat out

I’m almost to the end of our trip and wow I am ready to get back! It was a great time catching up with family but I miss my routine and home!!
I left off the recap of the weekend yesterday (See previous 2 blogs) before we went to our last winery stop and then headed to dinner! 

For dinner we went to a really nice restaurant called The Boathouse in Traverse City area. I was completely tired of wine so I ordered a mojito. Normally I wouldn’t order a drink with dinner but because it was a special occasion and we’d be waiting a while until our entrees came out I ordered one. It was amazing! I loved the fresh mint and lime but made sure I didn’t drink it too fast! I shared it with practically everyone! 

For my entree I ordered the Scottish salmon gluten free (so they took off the bread crumb crust) and it came with a couple pieces of broccoli and cauliflower risotto and a creamy beurre blanc sauce all over. (Beurre = butter and blanc =white in French) 

To be completely honest, it wasn’t amazing. It was definitely good but I wasn’t blown away or anything. I did have an amazing time laughing with the aunties though! 

Something my mom and aunt did that you might want to try is ordering a couple appetizers and/or a salad as their main meal. It comes out separately so you have time to eat and you can try a couple things instead of just one entree! 

When I go out to eat I have a couple rules I try to follow:
1) If there’s chips and salsa/guac I ALWAYS order it (okay not always but I always want to) 

2) If I order an unhealthy appetizer like chips I make sure my entree is decently clean – like salmon+veggies or a salad. If I’d rather have a side of mashed potatoes or fries I won’t order the chips. 

3) If dessert is free (like birthdays) I ALWAYS try it. I love dessert. 

4) Unless I really want it, I don’t order a drink so I can eat more food 😋 

I love food and I’m happy to sacrifice a little but not everything! 

When we got back we had some chocolates for dessert (the desserts at the restaurant were a little too pricey) and then went down to the sauna to relax and sweat a little. 

After the sauna I did some various workouts until I reached my 100% activity goal for the day lol. Then I showered and went to BED. 

Oh! And I almost forgot! The dang water jug thing at the inn ran out last night! No water! I was doing so well (probably why we ran out) at chugging water and just all gone! We all were pretty upset and drank the tap water which was GROSS. So I’m a little dehydrated and know I need some real physical activity to get me back to feeling good. 
I wish I could go to hot yoga today but we won’t be back until tomorrow. 😦 
Overall it was a great vacation and even though I feel a little blah I feel good about how I did staying healthy. Of course there’s room for improvement but I’m happy with just a bit of progress! 🙂 

Hope you all are having a fabulous day and loving your Sunday! 

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