Technology+ Blender = Best Combination?

I have a special post here today from Simple Tech Life who kindly helped me out with evaluating the Ninja Blender. If you love smoothies (I do now!) give this a read! I didn’t like smoothies before because it always took too much time and wasn’t exactly the way I liked – but now I try to drink a big green smoothie everyday!

Simple Tech Life

This is a post for one of my followers, missdoctorfoodie, who requested that I do a post about these relatively new Ninja Blender System’s with Auto iQ. But it is also for any of you who enjoy any and all technology advances!

I’m sure most of you reading this right now are saying to yourselves “a blender has one simple job, it blends.” I mean I couldn’t agree more with you. The last thing I was expecting in any sort of technological advancement for blenders to get better at blending, but it has happened, so let’s talk about it why don’t we!

The new Ninja Blender with Auto iQ has completely revolutionized the blender industry and I think you’ll agree with me. You know how with ordinary blenders you have to press a button and wait for who knows how long until you have a nice and even pure smoothie?…

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