Getting back on track after Traveling/Splurging!

What’s up blog people?! I just got back from a big Math and Science (geek) conference and it was so much fun! We got to take a trip to the St. Louis Zoo and I presented my research at the symposium. The main goal of the conference is to share our research with other undergraduate students and I loved it! So many of you are doing extremely significant and really impressive research!

I love traveling but I also love having a schedule/routine. Especially when it comes to clean eating and fitness. So although traveling is fun and exciting, I often find it hard to stick to fitness schedule or eat the way I like to. Of course this is much easier when the travel is for leisure – I can go to the hotel gym whenever I’d like and find restaurants that fit my needs.

But…when every minute of your day is already pre-planned with conference activities there’s little time to hit the gym without being singled out as the anti-socialite who wants to workout! To top it off there’s not many choices when it comes to pre-paid for meals by the conference or restaurants that have already been reserved.

So, to try and offset the damage, I decided to pack a few of my own healthy snacks so I could avoid maybe some of the unhealthy choices!IMG_4636.JPG

Here’s what I bought – I don’t normally buy any of these pre-packaged items (sometimes Larabars) but they’re obviously perfect for trips. I put a couple scoops of protein powder in a plastic baggie and some BCAAs in another. Not pictured: Single-serving Chobani Greek Plain Nonfat yogurts (I mix in chocolate protein powder and it tastes just like chocolate pudding!)

  • I packed the Larabars in my purse for snacking throughout the conference (They were terrible at giving us food…Only coffee and small pieces of coffee cake which I can’t eat).
  • I ate the orange as a late night snack.
  • I didn’t drink any BCAAs even though I should have. I didn’t drink NEARLY enough water and I’m paying for it today.
  • I ate the oatmeal both mornings – with cinnamon and some honey the first morning and with protein powder and Chobani yogurt the second.
  • I didn’t get a chance to eat any of the tuna 😦 There just wasn’t an optimal time where I could whip out a bowl and pour my tuna in there. Sad.
  • All in all, I don’t feel like I succeeded in really trying to be healthy on this trip. (Although it could’ve been worse).

The First day/evening:

We stopped at Culver’s for lunch so I ordered a Strawberry Fields salad and some Chili. Even though it was the healthiest option I could find I still didn’t feel too great!

They served pizza and lemonade for dinner. So I picked off some of the cheese (I’m gluten-intolerant) and ate a Larabar for dinner. Later we went to a little bar place and I had a couple chips with queso and Hard Apple Cider. Blah.

The Second day:

I had a good start (Oatmeal and coffee) but lunch was at a Mexican restaurant and of course I filled up on chips and salsa and lots of fajitas. But I skipped the marg!

For dinner we had spaghetti (which I couldn’t eat) so I had spaghetti sauce on lettuce and some carrots and potato wedges. It was not good.

The Third Day:

I ate yogurt and oatmeal for breakfast and some coffee with cream.

We had a late lunch so while in the car I snacked on veggies, Black Bean chips, and candy. Lol like I said it was such a fail!

We stopped at Wendy’s for lunch on the way back and I ordered an apple pecan chicken salad and some more chili. It was tasty but I swear no matter what it never makes me feel as good as my own food!

We spent 7 hours driving that day and I got in zero workouts besides walking everywhere. I probably could’ve fit in a workout in the gym but I was too exhausted by the end of each day.

Getting back on track:

It’s the day after getting back and I am determined to feel better! I’m drinking lots of H2O and scheduled a Hot Yoga class for this evening. I should do my BBG workout and LISS but because I have so much to fit in today I figured I could combine cardio and a workout into Hot Yoga. Plus I think sweating out all the toxins and grossness after this weekend will make me feel refreshed and ready for the week!

Lately I’ve been making some yummy green smoothies because it’s such an easy way to fit in an extra huge serving of leafy greens. I throw in about 3 cups of kale or power greens and then about 3/4 cup of frozen fruit and a couple splashes of unsweetened soy milk. IMG_4589.JPG

It’s beautiful and delicious.

Although I’m going to try and eat clean for the next few days I’m doing my usual meal prep Sunday and grocery shopping/catching up on everything else in life!

Here’s a look at the recipe I’m making for this week from the Sweat with Kayla App- it’s simple and I have most of the ingredients already which will leave me more time for all the other stuff I need to do today. I also have some of the pasta salad I made last week left so I’ll be finishing that up this week!


Here’s a look at what my typical lunch looks like:  (always multi-tasking on the computer


Lately I’ve been getting an iced green tea with mango sweetner for lunch instead of more coffee. It’s really refreshing!

If you’re interested I’ll post the recipe for the pasta salad I’ve shown!

Eating Healthy at Restaurants

Here’s what I’ll typically order at a restaurant (This was The Cheesecake Factory and they have several healthy options)IMG_4602.JPG

Unfortunately this was pretty much the safest gluten-free and healthy meal I could find. I didn’t eat all the mashed potatoes but boy were they good!

Overall, I probably shouldn’t say this weekend was a total failure but I definitely have much room for improvement. I have a couple trips coming up – one a girls weekend at a Winery and later in May a long trip to Spain and France so I need to improve fast! Please answer some of these questions to help me out! 🙂


Questions for YOU!

Let me know what you like to order at restaurants!

How do you get back on track after traveling or a splurge?!

Have you tried hot yoga?

How do you stay healthy traveling?!




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