Recap of my first day of VACATION

Just wanted to check in with you all to give you an update on how my plan for Staying HEALTHY on Vacation has been! (See previous blog post!) I outlined in detail what I was going to do while on vacation to stay somewhat healthy while I try not to literally EAT ALL THE FOOD.


I love this so much

But anyway, it’s actually been decent so far (or at least I think it has been)… It could probably be better of course but hey progress is still progress!

So on the drive I was feeling pretty crappy but like I mentioned in the previous post I chose a salad and avoided the gas station junk food like the plague. I still ate some amazing Chik-fil-A waffle fries though – YUMM!

When we arrived everyone had brought tapas for dinner so it was a mix of things! I had a chicken salad sandwich (I’m being flexible about not eating meat on this trip so I don’t cause any problems) and then an assortment of other things like nuts, crackers, and CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES. They were amazing!


Then, like I had predicted, we opened up our gift bags for the weekend and my super talented cousins had given us home-made truffles and other chocolates… I ate two and they were sooooo worth the wait! I swear waiting for the perfect treat always works out and is a great plan for weekends like this.


A picture of all of us at the lodge

Once everyone settled down we had about an hour before I decided I should go to bed so I snuck downstairs (everyone was in their rooms) and walked on the treadmill for 40 minutes while reading a book (it’s about an orthopedic surgery resident at Mayo Clinic and is so intense!). I felt much better after having been sitting all day in the car.


96% of activity goal completed for the day! 

In the morning they actually had a lot of breakfast options for us so I made a gluten free plain instant oatmeal packet and sprinkled some gluten free Museli on top. Then I had a Chobani blueberry greek yogurt but just ate the top without mixing it – this saves some calories from the unwanted added sugar they put it. I topped it with some fresh berries!

We went to a winery next and I tried the hard apple cider which was pretty good ! Of course I had to have some olives, cheese, and prosciutto along with it…

Later we went to a farmer’s market and I tried a gluten free ginger snap cookie – I just had to! But I countered it with fresh veggies and skipped the abundance of chocolate being pushed on me by my aunts. Man that was hard. Haha

To get some exercise before more wine tastings we went on a walk around the vineyard over to another winery and back. We walked for 30 minutes and called it good.


hiking around!

Oh and I’ve also been committed to downing water like that guy I posted in the previous blog… JUST LIKE THAT.

Overall I think I’ve done pretty dang good considering the circumstances! It’s not easy being healthy on vacation but it’s definitely do-able!


My mom and I at the lighthouse!

Let me know if you have any tips or tricks for staying healthy on vacation! I’d love to hear them!

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