Staying HEALTHY on Vacation!

Hey everybody! I hope you had a fabulous week and are enjoying your weekend! I’m currently in Traverse City, Michigan at Chateau Grand Traverse Winery Inn. We’re having a girls’ weekend to celebrate my Grandma’s 80th birthday and that means lots of wine!


This place is great! I recommend coming here for family parties! 

I actually don’t enjoy wine very much… Don’t hate me! It’s so weird because my parents and the rest of my family LOVES wine. X10000. Red wine seems to give me a headache so I avoid that and some white wines I enjoy but other than that it’s just not my drink of choice. BUTTTT I LOOOVE champagne. Loveee it. Make it a mimosa and I’ll drink the whole pitcher (not really…). But that and hard apple cider are my true favorites.


The Winery is gorgeous

And speaking of alcohol consumption, I actually don’t drink very much. It makes me feel blah for several days and to me it’s just not worth the extra calories and blah feeling! (I’d rather have ice cream or cupcakes… 🙂 ) But I definitely understand other people who like to have a glass of wine as a treat or a tasty cocktail. Everything in moderation!


I’ve been thinking a lot about how one is supposed to stay healthy while on an extravagant trip like I am this weekend. It’s not easy and I know that the answer is always balance but it can be hard to know what “balance” means.


Balance is hard.

For me, I think it’s key to know that I’ll be going on a vacation at least a week or two in advance. I kind of think of it as a ginormous cheat day. The week before/7 days leading up to the trip I tried my best to eat as clean as possible. This meant saying no to my cupcake and ice cream cravings and trying to get in lots of fruits and veggies. Honestly, this week was really difficult for me to stay on track. On Monday I came down with a cold and allergies. Then on Thursday I started PMS-ing and craving everything in sight. I caved and had Chipotle one night and the next day I ate a couple pieces of chocolate and some chicken fried rice.


Except it’s black beans, guac, and fajita veggies!!! 

My go-to order at Chipotle: Kid’s Build Your Own meal – it comes with 2 corn tortillas (or flour), your choice of meat (or guacamole which is what I choose) and then 2 other sides. I always do Guac, Black beans, and Fajita veggies. Sometimes I’ll order some salsa on the side if I have a little extra to spend. The meal comes with your choice of either a Kid’s size chips or a piece of fruit. I try to choose the fruit but this past time the fruit was all moldy! So I got the chips instead. But I swear I tried to be healthy! You also get chocolate milk or juice… I LOVE the brand of chocolate milk they have that comes in an adorable little box and straw. It may or may not be the reason I get the meal… Another plus though is if you’re on a budget this meal comes in at about $5! That’s not bad compared to about $10 for a bowl with guacamole. Win-win!


So #1 is eating clean at least 7 days before so you feel okay about going a little crazy. #2 is making a game plan for while you’re on vacation! This is what my game plan for the weekend is:

  • Eat as many fruits and veggies as I can
    • I’ve actually been having trouble getting myself to want to eat vegetables lately which is kind of odd but maybe the new scenery will change that.
    • article-new_ehow_images_a06_6e_vl_fruits-vegetables-can-rabbits-eat_-1_1-800x800.jpg

      Yep this will probably be me…

  • Bring instant plain oatmeal and protein powder.
    • I did this for my last trip and it made my mornings feel more organized/clean. I like to have protein+carbs+fat for breakfast so I’ll just need to find some type of fat like maybe nuts or peanut butter.

I love gluten free oatmeal with berries!

  • I also brought a couple other snacks like carrots and a grapefruit. I’m not sure if I’ll get a chance to eat them!
  • Be DD for at least 2 of the 3 nights. That way I have to stick to 1 drink or less and I know no one will object! Because I’m not a big drinker this is perfect for me.

Maybe my friends and I need this…?

  • Try to be active everyday. I’m not going to slave away alone at the gym but I’m going to make myself choose activities that keep me moving – like hiking or taking a walk with my grandma or aunts. I might sneak in a workout or run if we don’t have anything scheduled or planned but I want to maximize the time I have with my family.
  • Make healthy options whenever possible until there is something I really really want.
    • This used to be hard for me because I hate depriving myself! However, my trick now is choosing things like salads or healthier options and then having a little of something I like. For example, we stopped at Chik-fil-A and I ordered a southwest chicken salad and then split some potato wedges with my mom and aunt! I didn’t feel deprived at all!
    • Chick-fil-A-Spicy-Southwest-Salad-4.jpg

      Their salads are actually good!

    • In order to keep myself from buying an ice cream at the restaurant or something sweet at the convenience store I just kept assuring myself that we’ll probably have a chance to eat a decadent dessert on our trip and this way I can fully enjoy that treat instead of having cheap not-so amazing junk food now.
  • Drink tons of water! This is so easy for me at home but sooooo hard when I’m on vacation! I hate bad tasting water and the inconvenience of water fountains. But then I remember what a spoiled American I am for having that problem! So I’m going to suck it up this time and make sure I drink enough H2O!


  • Be happy and positive! I’m going to make sure I focus on why I took this trip: to see my grandma and the rest of my aunts and spend quality time with them. Something I don’t regularly get to do. 🙂

So yeah there’s definitely a balance and I don’t think I’m at the point where I want to bring entire meals and not socialize with everyone else. There will be tons of snacks and I’m sure I will eat less than perfectly this weekend but I’m going to enjoy it and be happy that I have this opportunity!


Just kidding… (Or am I?) 

I’m also working on my budget for the first year in medical school so I can figure out how much in loans I’ll need to take out. If anyone has advice or numbers I can look at that’d be great! It’s hard to know how frugal to be!


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