Travel + healthy ways to eat out

I’m almost to the end of our trip and wow I am ready to get back! It was a great time catching up with family but I miss my routine and home!!
I left off the recap of the weekend yesterday (See previous 2 blogs) before we went to our last winery stop and then headed to dinner! 

For dinner we went to a really nice restaurant called The Boathouse in Traverse City area. I was completely tired of wine so I ordered a mojito. Normally I wouldn’t order a drink with dinner but because it was a special occasion and we’d be waiting a while until our entrees came out I ordered one. It was amazing! I loved the fresh mint and lime but made sure I didn’t drink it too fast! I shared it with practically everyone! 

For my entree I ordered the Scottish salmon gluten free (so they took off the bread crumb crust) and it came with a couple pieces of broccoli and cauliflower risotto and a creamy beurre blanc sauce all over. (Beurre = butter and blanc =white in French) 

To be completely honest, it wasn’t amazing. It was definitely good but I wasn’t blown away or anything. I did have an amazing time laughing with the aunties though! 

Something my mom and aunt did that you might want to try is ordering a couple appetizers and/or a salad as their main meal. It comes out separately so you have time to eat and you can try a couple things instead of just one entree! 

When I go out to eat I have a couple rules I try to follow:
1) If there’s chips and salsa/guac I ALWAYS order it (okay not always but I always want to) 

2) If I order an unhealthy appetizer like chips I make sure my entree is decently clean – like salmon+veggies or a salad. If I’d rather have a side of mashed potatoes or fries I won’t order the chips. 

3) If dessert is free (like birthdays) I ALWAYS try it. I love dessert. 

4) Unless I really want it, I don’t order a drink so I can eat more food 😋 

I love food and I’m happy to sacrifice a little but not everything! 

When we got back we had some chocolates for dessert (the desserts at the restaurant were a little too pricey) and then went down to the sauna to relax and sweat a little. 

After the sauna I did some various workouts until I reached my 100% activity goal for the day lol. Then I showered and went to BED. 

Oh! And I almost forgot! The dang water jug thing at the inn ran out last night! No water! I was doing so well (probably why we ran out) at chugging water and just all gone! We all were pretty upset and drank the tap water which was GROSS. So I’m a little dehydrated and know I need some real physical activity to get me back to feeling good. 
I wish I could go to hot yoga today but we won’t be back until tomorrow. 😦 
Overall it was a great vacation and even though I feel a little blah I feel good about how I did staying healthy. Of course there’s room for improvement but I’m happy with just a bit of progress! 🙂 

Hope you all are having a fabulous day and loving your Sunday! 

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