Counting down the days until Europe! + graduation 

Hey everybody! I only have 3 more days until I get on a plane to Europe!

Anddddd I finished finals week and GRADUATED!

A bunch of my family came into town and it was such a fun time hanging out. 🙂

On Friday night we went to my honors ceremony then to the Baccalaureate Mass. Afterwards we went to Ruth’s Chris and had a blast! The food was delicious and I really wish I had taken pictures of my food but my phone died early on. Sad face.

But here’s a picture of my mom and grandma with me. 🙂 

They’re pretty great.
 Saturday morning we had to be there an hour before the ceremony started and let me just say — I really wish I would’ve prepared more for graduation!! Haha. I totally thought everything would be fine but it was a rough morning trying to make sure I brought and wore everything I was supposed to!

Not too rough until I realized I couldn’t carry a big purse of all my stuff so I ran out to my car and left everything but my key to my car in my car!

I stuffed my key in my bra but the whole ceremony I kept sporadically wondering if my key had fallen out and I was going to lose it forever… UGH LOL. I probably looked like an idiot touching my boob (hopefully inconspicuously) to make sure I could still feel it!

We waited around for probably 30 minutes and then when they started us on our long walk to the stadium I realized something terrible!!!

I had to go pee SOOOOO bad!!!! OMG, it was an awful realization. Especially because the ceremony was going to be at least 2 hours long. And they won’t let you leave. LOL.

Thankfully it didn’t turn out as bad as I thought it might – I forgot about it most of the time and didn’t pee my pants walking across the stage. THANK GOODNESS!!!.

It was great and I didn’t fall walking! I thought a maxi dress would be perfect but several times it almost got caught under my feet as I was walking…

And it started raining during the ceremony! Thankfully our gowns and caps kept us pretty safe but it was crazy!

After the ceremony we spent hours taking pictures and finding everyone. I still missed a bunch of people sadly.

We had a little party at my boyfriend’s place and then hung out at the hotel! I got in a long run that night at the hotel and then some much needed sleep.

 Overall, it was SOOO hard staying healthy during finals week and graduation. Like really really hard. There was so much eating out at restaurants and free dinners and lunches that I just couldn’t pass up.

I did, however, do well at making sure to choose healthier options each time and having things in moderation. In the past week I’ve had a cupcake, some ice cream, creme brûlée, chocolate, and Qdoba. It wasn’t perfect but I tried to make sure I stayed as active as possible on the days I couldn’t get a real workout in and then didn’t overdo it on the bad stuff.

I’ve had a lot of success eating out by choosing one thing that I really want (that might not be so healthy) and then making sure the rest of my meal is healthy as possible.

So the other night we went out for Mexican food at Chili’s and I let myself have the chips and salsa (because I LOVE chips and salsa) and then ordered the grilled tilapia with broccoli and brown rice. I had half a margarita – because it was Cinco de Mayo and that’s just wrong to not… Right?

At our big graduation dinner I had a glass of champagne and tasted a couple appetizers – shrimp and an avocado veggie crab cake and then ordered the Chilean Sea Bass with sweet potatoes and added asparagus, broccoli, and brussel sprouts on the side. It was delicious! Not suppeerrr healthy but it was also a celebration. Then I got a creme brûlée and shared it with the whole table. 🙂 Win-win.



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