All about EUROPE – Having the time of my life!

Hey everyone! I finally made it back to America and I seriously had the most amazing time ever!!! I’ve been blogging about my adventures in Europe on another dedicated travel site and so I’m going to include the link here: LoveDOesTravel

I was only able to write 3 posts while over in Europe but I am working on posting all about Spain, Paris, and just about how to travel smart in general 🙂 I hope you all enjoy it and stay connected on that site to see all our travel adventures. Let me know if you’d like to be a guest blogger for the LoveDOesTravel site – you don’t have to be a doctor or pre-med just love traveling!




How to Study (and Dominate) Finals Week

It’s Day 6 of the Shape-Up Challenge! And like I promised yesterday, I’m dedicated to posting everyday even if it means I get up an extra hour early! (Which would be more impressive if I wasn’t a huge morning person).

But anyway! I’m sitting down with my breakfast and making my schedule for the week (Saturday to next Saturday) and realized it’d be a great time to talk about what makes a successful finals week.


Breakfast was steel cut oats + cinnamon and chia seeds and 2 eggs + avocado

And to be honest – I can only say this because I’ve had a ton of really really rough finals weeks. So rough. If you’re pre-med I highly highly recommend trying out some of these tips and sticking to them to avoid a crazy and stressful week. It probably will still be a little stressful (I remember the anxiety of needing to get a perfect 4.0) but it will go much smoother.


My first tip might make some of you sad…

1) Don’t go with the flow.

  • Finals’ week in undergrad is cluttered with A LOT of students who didn’t study all semester and need to pull up their grades — or who simply don’t care about their grades.
  • Although I do believe in celebrating and taking breaks, I have seen partying and drinking become the reason why someone doesn’t do very well on finals. Even though it’s so hard just try to wait until after your finals are over and then celebrate. 🙂 Or if you’re like me you use “I’m studying” as the perfect excuse for why you CAN’T go drink away. HAHA.
  • Be wary of “study group sessions” – I swear these can be the death of a grade if it becomes the only way you study. Sometimes it’s good to have a study partner or two to keep you motivated or to have company but try to avoid study sessions that just turn into a big social activity. It can be good to review with a friend after you’ve learned the material but it might confuse you if you haven’t studied at all.
  • LOL. I swear this is some study groups.

  • Whatever you do – do NOT pay attention to how or what other people are doing. This is so important. If someone is making flash cards that does not mean you need to make flash cards. If your classmates say “I’m just going to review a little” but you know you need much more, don’t just “review a little.” They might try to guilt you for studying more than them but stick to what is best for YOU. Same goes for if it’s YOU that feels good about how much you’ve studied but your friends are still studying.

2) Push out all negative thoughts about the semester and channel confidence in your work. 

  • I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this you’re not the type of person who doesn’t care about grades. You probably care A TON about grades. And you probably feel like you didn’t study enough this semester. 
  • But I’m here to tell you that most likely you did your best with what you knew. It’s always good to be honest with yourself about where you fell short and what to change for next semester but the key to finals week is to literally LET ALL THAT GO. At least until after finals week. I like to review after finals are all over about the semester and make notes to myself about what I need to change for the next semester.
  • I like to listen to music that makes me feel confident and happy and to constantly remind myself that “I’m going to KILL this final.”


Confession: I like to listen to rap to motivate myself to study. Idk why! It’s so weird but it works way better for me than classical music!

3) Make a plan and then STICK with it.

  • Like I said, I’m making a schedule for every hour of each day this week. If I know I only have 2 hours to study for my final I am WAY more likely to get it done instead of thinking of all the “free time” I have since it’s finals week.
  • Making a detailed plan helps to build confidence in your preparation. Confidence + preparation = You Dominating Your Finals.
  • I use the Day Designer Free print-able Worksheet for the week. I’m including the link to their page here. Just “buy it” (it’s free) and then download the attachments from the email and print it out. 🙂 I love these things.


It’s not 
all filled out yet but I’m working on it!

4) Schedule workouts and breaks into your schedule.

  • I can’t believe the difference between the finals weeks where I made myself go to my regular gym sessions. I remember being so so tired and saying “I’ll just go and if I suck then whatever I still went” but then being at the gym and totally killing it! I see workouts as a treat during finals week since it relieves so much stress for me. I recommend doing cardio during finals week (but weights and yoga are great too) but cardio seems to release the most feel-good endorphins for me 🙂
  • Go shopping and plan out snacks and meals. DO IT. I swear it will save you so much time and will help curb the desire to just grab a sweet treat at Starbucks. I used to tell myself that since it was finals week I needed something sweet to keep me going. Alas, the finals weeks where I chose to eat healthy and avoid junk food were the best finals weeks ever. You’ll have way more energy and feel so much better!

This is the Day Designer Food and Exercise Log – I’ll plan it out more before I go grocery shopping so I only have to make one trip per week.

    • But have a treat too. I know! I just said don’t have a sweet treat. But what I mean is just don’t have them all the time. Give yourself permission to have a couple during the week or to just do something you love. 🙂 Check out my post on avoiding burn-outs for more tips on this!

Coffee in a Cupcake?! How freaking perfect.


5) Plan a super fun time for after finals week.

  • If you’re the type of person who can’t focus if you’re thinking about doing something fun just skip this tip. But if not, it can really help your mind to know that after you’re done you’ll get to relax or go out and party. (Whatever floats YOUR boat.)
  • I secretly love finals week. I love the craziness and all the studying. It’s so weird  but I do love it. It also motivates me knowing that in just a short little time I won’t be studying anymore. So why NOT study?

Last year after finals week I went to Texas for my cousin’s wedding and had a ton of fun sipping cocktails and relaxing by the pool with my parents and family! (This is my momma) 🙂

6) Give it your BEST and let God do the REST.

  • Or whatever greater power you believe in. 🙂 This phrase has gotten me through so many tough weeks or exams. Seriously. I love trusting that if I just do my best the rest will be taken care of/work out.

Love this!

    1. Of course that doesn’t mean you can skip studying and hope God will give you divine answers. LOL. No, it just means trust in your preparation and after that let all your worries flow away. I first learned about this when I was interested in Buddhism and I loved it – it’s not a God (but more of a universe type of thing).


  • I put an extra 3 P’s on that because you need sleep x a billion. Seriously. Take it from me because I’m the worst sleeper. I love waking up in the morning and I will only get enough sleep if I make myself go to bed early. Which is so hard during finals week but it does make a difference.

I WISH my sleep was this peaceful!!!!
So here’s a sample of what I would do the night before an exam:

  1. Read/go through all the material for the exam right before I go to bed. Make sure I’ve included any and all material that I know I will need to know. Maybe more detail than necessary.
  2. Go to bed early.
  3. Wake up about 4-5 hours before the exam (or more if it was later in the day).
  4. Go through ALL the material again. This time focusing on literally eliminating material from the study guide.
  5. Yep – eliminate stuff from the study guide. As you know you know the material just delete it or stop looking at it. This is great if you’re using a laptop because you can just delete it. I make myself delete it. Because once you know it you need to stop looking at it right before the test.
  6. Why? So you can focus on the material you don’t know Focus on the stuff you need to keep seeing or re-writing because you don’t know it.
  7. I will try to make things as simple as humanly possible. Because one or two words can jog your memory of what you need to know and you’re way more likely to remember 1 or 2 words.

So there’s my tips for studying for finals! I wish you all the best of luck and I’ll catch up with you tomorrow! 🙂

Also, because I know how difficult it can be to make a plan, I’m offering FREE advice/help with planning for finals week for the first 3 people who:

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I can’t wait to hear from you! This offer is good until May 12th because that’s when I leave for Europe! 🙂

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Join my “Shape-Up for Summer in 2.5 Weeks” with me!

If you’ve been reading my blogs you know I’m headed to Europe in less than 3 weeks! I’m so excited to finally visit Spain and France! As always, I try to be healthy and constantly work towards new fitness and health goals but for Europe (where I know there will be lots of unhealthy treats everyday) I want to be in the best shape I can be so I can fully indulge!

I love you Chipotle but you’ll have to go for now

So I’ve come up with a plan to “shape-up” for vacation in 2.5 weeks. Of course it helps to have been working towards it longer but for these last few weeks I’m really going to focus on eating as clean as possible and getting in a few extra workouts.

But I also have finals in a week.

And I’m graduating college.

And moving out of my apartment.

And getting ready for medical school.

I have a lot on my plate these next couple weeks!!

And it is soooo easy to skip workouts, eat junk food, and not sleep when you’re busy.


I’m crazy determined. Lol. Especially since this past week and weekend I’ve been giving into treats and skipping workouts. It’s been baaaad. But no more!

good bye beautiful butter

So if you’re brave and tired of putting off your goals when you’re stressed and/or its finals week, join me for these next 17 days (about 2.5 weeks) to shape up for summer 🙂

I hope you’ll join me!

So these are my rules for myself (but feel free to improvise and make your own, the key is to not let my Health slip while I’m busy these next couple weeks)

1) Plan my workouts at the beginning of the week and don’t skip them!!

  • 3 BBG resistance workouts (legs/glutes, arms/back, abs)
  • 2 Zumba sessions
  • 3 runs or walks for 40 min each
  • Stretch and foam roll 1 day (at least)

2) Sleep at least 7.5 hours each night – I really think I only need 7.

3) Eat clean, pescetarian, homemade meals. No added sugar/refined carbs.

4) Limit eating out to once a week

5) 2 cheat meals a week (i.e. Cupcakes 😋)

except when my boyfriend surprises me with gelato…

6) Blog or journal everyday to stay accountable! Comment on my posts each day to let me know how you did that day! 🙂

7) Don’t procrastinate – make detailed lists and start right away on them!

8) Stay positive and focus on being happy and healthy. 🙂
Those are my rules but I’m sure I’ll think of some more/adjust if needed. I hope you decide to join me for these next 17 days!

Overall, it helps me to have a goal in sight – knowing that if I sacrifice now I’ll be able to enjoy Europe more makes me very motivated. I’ll also be posting my plan for staying healthy in Europe when it comes closer!

French food in America

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Comment if you’ll join me for the next 17 days! No judgments just positive motivation to keep each other going 🙂

Tell me about your summer plans!

Recap of my first day of VACATION

Just wanted to check in with you all to give you an update on how my plan for Staying HEALTHY on Vacation has been! (See previous blog post!) I outlined in detail what I was going to do while on vacation to stay somewhat healthy while I try not to literally EAT ALL THE FOOD.


I love this so much

But anyway, it’s actually been decent so far (or at least I think it has been)… It could probably be better of course but hey progress is still progress!

So on the drive I was feeling pretty crappy but like I mentioned in the previous post I chose a salad and avoided the gas station junk food like the plague. I still ate some amazing Chik-fil-A waffle fries though – YUMM!

When we arrived everyone had brought tapas for dinner so it was a mix of things! I had a chicken salad sandwich (I’m being flexible about not eating meat on this trip so I don’t cause any problems) and then an assortment of other things like nuts, crackers, and CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES. They were amazing!


Then, like I had predicted, we opened up our gift bags for the weekend and my super talented cousins had given us home-made truffles and other chocolates… I ate two and they were sooooo worth the wait! I swear waiting for the perfect treat always works out and is a great plan for weekends like this.


A picture of all of us at the lodge

Once everyone settled down we had about an hour before I decided I should go to bed so I snuck downstairs (everyone was in their rooms) and walked on the treadmill for 40 minutes while reading a book (it’s about an orthopedic surgery resident at Mayo Clinic and is so intense!). I felt much better after having been sitting all day in the car.


96% of activity goal completed for the day! 

In the morning they actually had a lot of breakfast options for us so I made a gluten free plain instant oatmeal packet and sprinkled some gluten free Museli on top. Then I had a Chobani blueberry greek yogurt but just ate the top without mixing it – this saves some calories from the unwanted added sugar they put it. I topped it with some fresh berries!

We went to a winery next and I tried the hard apple cider which was pretty good ! Of course I had to have some olives, cheese, and prosciutto along with it…

Later we went to a farmer’s market and I tried a gluten free ginger snap cookie – I just had to! But I countered it with fresh veggies and skipped the abundance of chocolate being pushed on me by my aunts. Man that was hard. Haha

To get some exercise before more wine tastings we went on a walk around the vineyard over to another winery and back. We walked for 30 minutes and called it good.


hiking around!

Oh and I’ve also been committed to downing water like that guy I posted in the previous blog… JUST LIKE THAT.

Overall I think I’ve done pretty dang good considering the circumstances! It’s not easy being healthy on vacation but it’s definitely do-able!


My mom and I at the lighthouse!

Let me know if you have any tips or tricks for staying healthy on vacation! I’d love to hear them!

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IU Medical School and Nursing

Hello beautiful people! It’s Friday, the last day of the week! I was up bright and early to take my little sister to shadow a nursing student at my undergraduate school. My sister Grace is a junior in high school and interested in medicine – maybe nursing, maybe a physician. I think her confusion about which field to go in to is a very very real question that many young women and men struggle with.

We actually listened to a speaker last night who recently graduated from the IU Medical School and who had her first son during medical school. She is AMAZING! She is not only brilliant but genuinely cares about people and she is such an inspiration.


Anyway, some things to think about if you are trying to decide between nursing and medical school:

  1. You do not have to give up your dream of having a family. Yes, it will be difficult but if medicine is what you truly want to do you will make it work. I’ve heard this from so many fantastic physicians who do both. 🙂
  2. Medical school will give you greater autonomy in your work but it also comes with a HUGE responsibility. You still have a patient’s life in your hands as a nurse but ultimately a physician is responsible if a mistake is made.
  3. The level of knowledge in medical school is deeper and gives the entire picture. For me this was a big reason why I decided to go to medical school. I love knowing exactly why something happens in the body and why a particular drug works on the deepest most simple molecular level. It makes me so happy to get to the bottom of the big picture!nurse_1.jpg
  4. Nursing school is generally 4 years of undergrad and medical school school is a total of 11+ years depending on the length of your residency. If you HATE school I strongly encourage you to rethink medical school. It is a lot of studying and will take up a huge chunk of your life.
  5. Nurses typically have a good work-life balance. You will be paid a very decent salary as a nurse, about $60,000-70,000 a year. As a physician you will make much more but in general you will also work a great deal more and will have spent many years accruing debt. I know many new nurses you have tons of free time and live quite comfortably.
  6. As a physician you will have to take standardized tests for the REST of your life in order to stay certified. Generally every 10 years but it may become more frequent. I do not believe nurses have to take as many re-certification exams.9621cbbb5dcacaa722b475e237ff5243.jpg
  7. If you want your work to be your life go for medicine. I think this is a big reason why I’m so happy to take on all the down-sides of medical school. I love the idea that I will be able to live out my mission in life every day to the fullest capacity. I know that I’m a better person in every way if I have gone “all in” on my mission in life. Nurses can definitely also make work their life but for me it’s easier if I learn as much as I can about the field. 🙂


All in all, I think the best way to find out if you want to do nursing or medical school is to SHADOW. Shadow both and shadow all types of nurses and doctors. Don’t be afraid to ask them what they think and if they would do it again differently. If you really want to do medicine go for it and enjoy the process. 🙂 It’s a difficult but rewarding choice.


Also check out Andrea Tooley’s youtube videos that have to do with nursing such as the one about nursing before medical school (YES you can do that!!) and the one about Nurse Practitioners! Those two will give you some great insight into which is the right path for you.


Let me know if you’re trying to decide between nursing and medical school!

Are you a nurse? Would you recommend it?

If you’re in medical school do you wish you would’ve considered nursing?!

Senior year – The Best Year Ever!

Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a great week and enjoying the spring weather!

Yesterday I lazily rolled out of bed and went to work at 9:30am. Since high school I’ve made the habit of waking up about 2 hours before I have to leave. If I have a test to study for I’ll wake up even earlier so I can study when I’m at my best, which is in the mornings. I LOVE mornings. Call me crazy but there’s just some wonderful satisfaction in waking up even though I’m tired and everyone else is asleep. I love exerting my will power and discipline whenever I can!

Buttttttt…. since I’m in my senior year of undergrad and my classes are not nearly as difficult as my previous pre-med courses, I’ve loosened up a TON and 1.5-2 hours is usually the earliest I’ll get up before I leave. I’ve had an amazing year. Now that I’ve been accepted to med school I can breath a giant sigh of relief and focus on appreciating the time I have left before I crack down on the medical school studying.


Image from

It almost feels like I’ve been told that I’m going to die in 4 months (the start of medical school). But not in a bad way – in a “I’m going to use this time I have left to do as much as I can and be as happy as I can” and the death part isn’t so bad – like looking forward to heaven (maybe not exactly what it’ll be like but I love studying and medicine so pretty close…)

But anyway, I’ve never been happier because I’m finally doing all the little things I said I’d do when I wasn’t studying, not partying/drinking but like crossing things off my bucket list and starting projects that I’ve always wanted to do.

My exercise schedule has been great too because every time I don’t want to workout I just picture myself laboriously studying away wishing I could spare an extra hour to workout. Or all the times I worked out last year and wanted to spend an extra hour but couldn’t. Getting in as much as I can before it’s limited is a HUGE motivator for me!

I’ve noticed a similar trend with my time spent with family and friends. I’ve missed many girlfriend-dates and events/vacations with my family but now I’ve given every single one a green light! I’m even skipping an important class in a couple weeks just so I can go to my Grandma’s Birthday weekend party – something I’d never think about doing before!


Image from

But oddly enough, I’ve found that even though I’ve given myself the green light to do whatever my heart pleases I’ve been healthier and more on-top of my responsibilities than ever. It’s an odd phenomenon. I think it’s because I’ve started to see self-care as a reward that I shouldn’t take for granted. My rewards aren’t a night-out drinking or a day spent laying in bed in my pajamas binge-watching Netflix (although I still watch too much Netflix).

Instead I’ve noticed how much studying and productivity make me happy. Truly happy. For a while I was worried that maybe I’m just the kind of person who would rather have a leisurely-relaxed life that wasn’t compatible with medicine. But from the past several months I’ve found confidence in the fact that even when I don’t have the pressure on me to get the best grades and study all the time I can still crack and down, learn, and be disciplined – just because I want to.


I love this quote!

Doing things just because I want to has always been a big motivator – some people do things because they have to but I see it more as putting in the work because I want to. I chose this life even though I didn’t have to and that makes me work that much harder.

Questions for YOU:

What motivates you?

How do you spend your down time?

Do you love being disciplined or working hard?

Email me anytime with questions or thoughts at 🙂

Avoid a Burn-Out ~ Part 1


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted and I feel like I have so much to share! But, to stay on track, I’m going to focus this post on tips to avoid a burn-out – whether you’re in medical school, undergraduate, a busy professional or high schooler, there’s always a possibility for burn-out but it CAN be avoided!

The week before my Spring Break started I was feeling pretty tired. Although my classes aren’t very hard (just finishing up minors and gen. eds) I’m pretty involved in clubs and organizations on campus and run a few of them. I’m also on Week 6 of Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Guide (BBG) and have been using the “Sweat with Kayla” App. I love it! And to be honest, I didn’t think I would. But it’s worked great with my busy schedule this semester. 3 Resistance (essentially body weight & weight HIIT) workouts and then 3-4 LISS sessions (I walk for about 45 min.) and then a couple sessions of Rehabilitation (use a foam roller).


Hiking at French Lick was GORGEOUS and I logged more than 2 hours of LISS! (I only counted it for 1 session, but it was definitely worthy of 2 😉

#1 I’ve always loved exercising as a way to avoid a burn-out, but it’s never been progressive – I’d do something every week like running the same routes and doing the same weight-lifting circuits but I plateaued often and became bored. BBG has been great because it schedules time to stretch and relax (something I don’t do enough) and the weight-training workouts get harder each week. So I’m sure you’ve heard exercise is a great way to relieve stress, but here’s some specific tips to make it effective:

  • Make it fun – if you’re trying to maximize your effectiveness when studying your workouts need to be geared toward that – not necessarily towards lifting the heaviest weights or being super “shredded.” If your workouts are too intimidating you’ll be more likely to skip them or dread them and that is NOT GOOD. I love going on long fast walks outdoors and using it as a time to also reflect on my goals.


  • Break a sweat – Weightlifting is great but shorten the time between reps in order to break a sweat or try some HIIT cardio. An elevated heart rate and sweat will release endorphins which will not only give you energy but make you feel more relaxed.


  • Multi-task – If you’re walking, try listening to a podcast or recording of a class or something you’re studying. If you’re on a treadmill or bike bring your notes or iPad and read. Time is very valuable – especially to us busy people – so I keep the workouts that I can’t study while doing relatively short. The BBG Resistance workouts are only 28 minutes (total ~32 min. with stretching). Of course, multi-tasking doesn’t have to mean studying. This could mean you use the time to reflect on your day, goals, pray, or spend time thinking about what you’re grateful for in your life.


  • Keep it simple – As a pre-med, medical student, or anyone with a busy schedule, you do not need to add stress to your life by creating your own workouts. Yes, it is possible and many people do it and if this is a fun enjoyable experience for you, do it. Personally, it’s worth it to me to pay a little bit of money to have workouts planned and laid out so I don’t have to worry about whether or not I’m doing enough or should change my workouts. I can’t believe how much stress it saves me!


  • Remember your goals – If your goal is to be a bikini model this doesn’t apply to you and that’s 100% okay! If your main goal is to be healthy and succeed in school, then remember that. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in how thin or fit you look – but focus on how you FEEL. Being healthy will help you better execute your goals and allow you to focus on what is number one in your life. Health should always be very important but having the “perfect” body shouldn’t interfere with your ability to compete in school and perform in the professional arena.


  • Stretch and enjoy it – I’m going to be very honest – I HATED stretching. I avoided it at all costs and would convince myself I didn’t have time to stretch after Crossfit and I paid for it. BBG focuses a lot on stretching and foam rolling and it has made all the difference! If you’re sore and stiff you’re not going to feel very “stress-free.” So make time to stretch after workouts and remember that yoga counts as a workout too! One of my goals for this semester is to fit in a few hot yoga sessions in every month. Has anyone else tried hot yoga? 🙂


    I had some free time so I did one of the random challenges on the “Sweat” App. Btw – I LOVE my foam roller!

#2 So this week I was feeling very spontaneous so my mom and I took a little 2 day vacation to French Lick Resort in French Lick, Indiana! This is number 2 – Plan rewards for yourself. My trip wasn’t planned weeks in advance but I knew I wanted to do something to relax and to spend time with my mom.

  • Plan something fun for EVERY WEEK. Some people can get by for months looking forward to Spring Break or a concert. But I’ve found that only results in a fun splurge at least every 2 weeks if not more – and it’s generally out of desperation or goes overboard. If that works for you – great! Instead, it works better to plan something for every week so you have something to look forward to and it keeps you on track with studying and all your goals. I also give myself one night on the weekend sort-of “free” just in case a friend comes in to town or something big comes up. This could also be your something fun that you’ve planned, but just keep it open. For me, I’ll plan a date night, a movie-night (to avoid watching it on a whim when I should be studying), sometimes a night out downtown with friends, but most usually it’ll be a time out that coincides with a “cheat meal” because I love food. And anytime I can plan a date with a girlfriend that also involves Chipotle and cupcakes is something I can look forward to all week. Probably not the healthiest but oh well…



My boyfriend and I got vegan gluten free (but not healthy) cupcakes to celebrate our “7 months” which really means we just wanted an excuse to get cupcakes…

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  •  Keep it some-what healthy – There’s nothing inherently bad about drinking but binge-drinking every week just leads to day of un-productivity. If you are one of those rare owls who can get away with no hangover or feel great and energized the next day – well then I really want to be you haha. This also goes for eating an entire pint of ice cream or binge-eating. Make sure your reward doesn’t have a dramatically negative impact on your goals – at least not for your weekly reward (perhaps for Spring Break?) 🙂

My two best friends from freshman year and I went to Juice and Canvas (there were minors along with us) to spend some time together! (I’m on the far right)

  • Don’t be stingy – Buying a $300 handbag every week probably isn’t going to coincide with your goals, but a new shirt or spending some extra money on a not-so-cheap workout class or movie shouldn’t be over-the-top. As a college student we need to budget, but figure out how much you can spend each week on a treat and use it! Mine’s usually just something I know I don’t necessarily need (expensive gelato) but I used to feel bad for spending money on things I knew I didn’t need. Now I plan it and see it as a necessary step to reaching my goals. Anything that helps you to avoid a burn-out is worth that $5 scoop of ice cream or a $15 yoga class.


    I got this whopping piece of Godiva chocolate cheese cake at the Cheese Cake Factory the day after my MCAT with my best friend (and study partner) and it was GLORIOUS.

#3 My last tip for Part 1 of How to Avoid a Burn-out is Recognizing Your Limits. How fitting since I’m breaking this post up into 2 different posts?! But really – know how much time you have and don’t overspend it. For example, break up writing a paper into separate days and don’t put pressure on yourself to finish it all in one sitting (or a blog post in my case 😉

  • Don’t be over-involved. Be involved. But don’t be over-involved. Sounds tricky right? It doesn’t have to be. But if you’re applying to medical school remember what they’re looking for: Good grades, great MCAT score, and involvement. But the involvement shouldn’t come before your grades and MCAT. It shouldn’t be 200 clubs. Or even 15. Pick less than 5 and actually DO something for that club. Start a new program or become President. But keep it orientated towards your goals and interests.
    • Start out with only 1 extracurricular activity (exercise doesn’t count but being on a sports team does) and see how you do. Stay committed to this club (or QUIT and pick a new one if you don’t like it) and if you have time add another club or try for a leadership role. But don’t switch around much after your freshman year.


  • Realize that it’s okay to say no – You’ve heard it many times I’m sure but it really is okay. And it’s hard to say no as a pre-med or overachiever. But always think about what you want your legacy to be: Do you want to be the person who does everything and is a mess or the person who is a strong leader, committed, and focused? Remember what’s important to you and don’t worry about hurting people’s feelings if you don’t have time. This also applies to you if you find yourself over-involved, it is okay to quit a club, just don’t make a habit of it.

I’m a mentor for freshman 21st Century Scholars as well as a Scholar myself and I love it! Picking something that allows you to give back is great and so fun! (I’m in the middle)

  • Remember that doing your best includes failure – Just because you’re not productive 24/7 doesn’t mean you’re not doing your best. Everyone gets lured into a few too many Youtube videos or too much time on social media. The important thing is to recognize that it’s a weakness for you and to always work on getting better. For me that means I put hard limits on how much time I can spend online shopping or browsing Pinterest. Sometimes I forget to watch the time and waste WAY too much time, but I try not to beat myself up about it and remember it for next time. Setting a timer for 15 minutes of social media or online time is a great way to keep yourself accountable. If you miss a workout or drink way too much – don’t feel bad. It happens to everyone and the most successful are those who still make upward progress – no matter how slow. 🙂 Be the cute little wise turtle – not the hare! 


That’s all for today! I’m going to take my own advice and save the rest of this post for the next week so I can get some sleep. 🙂 I’ll also have some more info on my time at French Lick and what we did to stay healthy but also have a lot of fun! (Pedicures, hiking, fancy cocktails, and MORE)! :))


I just watched a Webinar from Dr. Axe on the science of essential oils and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Let me know if you use any of these tips already or if they work for you! I’d love to know how you treat yourself or what you do for exercise! Anyone else doing BBG?